Vitamin D

A children’s educational resource on the subject of Multiple Sclerosis taught using a series activities. This Vitamin D board game focuses on the IU value in certain activities and food. Recognising the fun in trying to score high value IU ‘points’, we also felt an element of chance would keep the child engaged during the 15 minute activity so a fast paced electronic spinner was included, landing on a segment when a big red button was pressed.

Digesting Science
Vitamin D Activity
Studio: The Agency of Design


Digesting Science; a set of activities that teach 6–12 year old children about Multiple Sclerosis. Working alongside the three founders of Agency of Design, I was responsible for research, play process investigation, game mechanic prototyping and developing a visual language for the activities.


Early Prototypes
Trialling Different Game Mechanics


Early Prototypes
Developing Illustration Styles

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Chosen Route
Prototype Testing & Refinement