Eat Up

Moving to a new city to start a career can be a fairly daunting experience, especially if you’re trying to find ways of making friends in the area. Alone time is an essential part of human life, but ready meals for one surely don’t make the cut every night of the week? Who do these people turn to if they would like to chat face to face?


The act of sitting down and eating a meal collectively is a fundamental positive contributor to an individual’s well being. It is common place in modern society (particularly young professionals living on their own) that a laptop or phone has become the new companion at meal times. Using technology whilst eating is hugely justifiable when you consider that it is often distracting individual’s from the fact that they are lonely.


Capitalising on the format of ‘Tinder’ and the rising interest in cooking and baking programmes, ‘Fast Supper’ enables people to find and host meals with people nearby. ‘Fast Supper’ puts the Host in charge, allowing them to create a list of ingredients which are divided up and pushed out to nearby Guests looking to join a meal. Guests can select from taste preference keywords when creating their profile to help filter the ingredients requests which they ‘yuck’ or ‘yum’ their way through.

Eat Up
Making a Meal of Eating Together

Initial concept in collaboration with
James Holdsworth for Future Lions


‘Eat Up’ is a concept service for people who are looking to create or attend dinner parties in their area.