I’m a multidisciplinary designer & illustrator, specialising in ideas lead design, which is drawn from a unique, joyful, often story-oriented viewpoint. My enthusiasm and complete commitment to the creative industry is built on 6 years worth of art & design education, where I explored and practised several disciplines that are highly applicable for the exciting client projects I’m involved in on daily basis. I'm currently on the lookout for a full time position within the design/ advertising industry.


Hey, hi, hello


I’m John, a multidisciplinary creative

The experience I have gained predominately as a graphic designer within branding, print and digital agencies has made me realise that I love the communications process as a whole and get just as much joy coming up with ideas and insights, imagining the best approach/ strategy for the project through questioning and discussions, as I do thinking about the art direction and details for the finished project. 

In short, I wish I could create each project from start to finish, handling the photography, creating the soundtrack; everything! Realistically, within an agency environment, I get to be part of a talented team to work alongside and bring all these skills together to curate and offer my knowledge on projects when necessary, which is truly exciting.


Here’s a few things I’ve been up to so far

- Created a music brand identity that has been featured in design books and journals

- Painted a set of spot illustrations that have accompanied a cycle tour tale in Lonely Planet

- Produced a music soundtrack that is used in a history video played at a computer museum

- Designed & hand printed a print-to-order clothing line for people to buy live at an exhibition

- Illustrated and typeset a quarterly scientific research journal, written and read by University of Cambridge academics and professors

- Designed Spotify billboards and micro-sites for brands like Puma, Sky Movies, Absolut Vodka and McDonalds to help users generate Spotify Playlists



Farfetch · Door Global · Madalena Studio · Tech Will Save Us · Skylark Creative · Atticus Creative · The Agency of Design · The District


Art Direction · Graphic Design · Idea Generation · Concepts

Press & Publication

Creative Review · BranD Magazine · Making a Splash: Graphics That Flow

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